In God Ain’t Sleep you will find:

  • How love sustained a cancer survivor

  • The wisdom of a centenarian, a blacksmith and a bus driver

  • The steps to organizing a life by building a shed

  • Reasons to applaud the men around you

  • Reminders of the values that give you hope

  • How to eat an elephant

Look for a glimpse of the presence of God in the ordinary people you meet and in the experiences you have everyday.

Judi Latta's clear-eyed prose stitches together a lovely tribute to perseverance, pride, and the smarts of a growing-up Southern girl. There are instructive lessons for everyone in these pages.
Wil Haygood
Author of THE BUTLER
This book is a joy, full of life lessons, lessons that are concise, lessons that are full of insight and, as is so often the case, lessons that emerge at unexpected times from entirely surprising places. Most of all, this book is testimony to the fact that we are all still learning.
Adam Clayton Powell, III
Journalist, media executive
Director, Washington Policy Initiatives
University of Southern California
Latta's reflections are powerful lessons for anyone interested in putting life’s challenges in perspective. The author writes with such grace, authenticity, and clarity that readers are pulled ‘near the fire (for its warmth), rather than into it.’ These stories inspire us to search for deeper meaning in what we see and hear every day — to open our eyes and hearts to life itself.
Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
President -- University of Maryland, Baltimore County
One of The World’s 100 Most Influential People (Time Magazine)
The title alone made me smile, but in God Ain't Sleep, Latta finds the beautiful balance with wonderful anecdotes and profound nuggets of wisdom. Each chapter gives you pause and makes you think back over your own life and realize that God may have been quiet but he certainly wasn't sleep!
TaJuan “TeeJ” Mercer
Award-Winning TV Editor / International Bestselling Author / Speaker / Hug-o-logist

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God Ain’t Sleep is a book to keep close, read and re-read because it boldly, courageously and compassionately celebrates the human spirit. For questions, comments or media inquiries, you may reach Judi Moore Latta via email:

A word from the Author

Judi Moore Latta, Ph.D., is a storyteller. An award-winning journalist and professor of Media, Journalism and Film at Howard University, she served previously as Executive Director of Communications and Marketing for the University. As a veteran media professional, she has worked in public and commercial broadcasting as a manager, writer and producer. She served as National Public Radio’s first education reporter and earned the George Foster Peabody Award as senior producer of the 26-part documentary series Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions. For dozens of productions, she has received recognition from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, American Women in Radio and Television, National Education Association, National Association of Black Journalists and National Federation of Community Broadcasters. She lives with her husband in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Judi Moore Latta

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